Introduction to Featured Privacy Policies:

Floormyplace keeps on intimating its website users and clients all relevant information regarding products, variations of products, make of products, users’ guidance, and changes of product manufacturing and pricing, if and when applicable. We abide by the Company Information Disclosure Policies (CIDP) in order to keep our clients and users abreast of all developments. Our Pledge Regarding Visitors’ Information Privacy:

We have deep regard for the privacy of our visitors. Whatever information they supply to us while visiting and browsing our website are securely preserved with us only. We are committed to NEVER exploit, misuse and sell any information of any type and volume to any third-party. Pledge Statement:

  • Our website collects Cookies.
  • We recognize only the Domain Name of the Visitors and do never collect information relating to e-mail of the visitors.
  • We do Never use the information of our visitors for any type of commercial purposes.

We ensure our users that all of their information is foolproof and secured and none of their information will get leaked to anybody. However, if processing of the order is hindered at any point of transactions, our representative will contact you:

  • For seamless Billing and Shipping purposes
  • For preparing a Customized Order
  • For letting you know of our local supplier

Bear in mind, Floormyplace uses only Encryption Technology to ensure the privacy of your financial information and to safeguard them from facing any possibility of misuse. With having installed the latest information safeguarding technology, we at Floormyplace can say that your information regarding Financial details and Personal details will NEVER be disclosed and are kept in the securely safest server. Rest assured that whatever information we collect from you will be safe from being misused, altered and lost. Be sure that though we publish newsletter and survey online niches, we do Never sell your email address and contact number to anybody. Time-to-Time Notifications for Changes: Floormyplace notifies its users and clients all sorts of changes, if any, on due time to avoid any kind of inconveniences. Our Notices may be due to any changes on:

  • The Privacy Policy Statement
  • Home Page Description and Contents
  • Any Web Page Description and Contents
  • Any topic we think appropriate to apprise you

Problem Resolution: Floormyplace pledges to resolve any problem, anywhere during or after the successful and unsuccessful processing of an order, within 3 business days in earnest. Noticing any discrepancies or breach of any kind of contract, if any, our valued users and clients are requested to inform us via:

  • Email
  • Phone Call
  • Fax

Full Contact Information:
If users using our website find any discrepancies or any point not meeting our privacy policies or have any complaints regarding this chapter, please feel free to apprise us your valuable views through email or contact us by phone.