Shipping & Returns

Floormyplace Delivery Service

Floormyplace delivery service covers almost all important cities of your country. We manage the jobs of scheduling, inspection, transport, delivery and set up of our flooring materials at your places by our Floormyplace Delivery experts.

Timeframe and communication:

Floormyplace will contact you on an instant it receives online purchase order from you. Accurate floor measurement is very important to ensure a good fit; so we reassure ourselves by inquiring of the floor measurement when we contact you.

On getting confirmation of your purchase order, our local service executives will visit your place in 6 weeks in earnest. Please know that the timeframe is exclusively an estimate. Lead times can be subject to change.

Once your flooring items arrive, our local service executives will call up you directly to fix a delivery time, which may be anytime between Monday and Friday as per your convenience. To give you a kind of utmost personal service, a design consultant will oversee your details and contact you shortly.

Getting ready for delivery:

Our local service professionals will call to request you to be present at home or let someone be present there on part of you to receive the flooring materials on the delivery day.

In rare situations, delivery may require the disassembly of your new purchase for installation, removal of handrails or doors, etc. In those circumstances, it will be your responsibility to make appropriate arrangements prior to our delivery.

What to expect on delivery day:

We will send to your place our expert crews who will take care of all assemblies and setups. It is important for you to cooperate with them. The floors that will be decorated should have no furniture on them. Please note that if you have any issues regarding our work processes, you may immediately contact us.

Delivery fees

Please note that we will quote the delivery fees with a calculation where we will use the product’s weight and delivery distance from our local service stores.